Fire Pit


4 oz honey whiskey preferred Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

2 oz Reposado preferred 1800 Reposado

2 oz water

1 lemon



** note, the quality of your lemons will affect the quality of the drink


cocktail shaker

spray bottle

double-ended measuring cup


  1. Shake the whiskey, Reposado, and water well over ice until well frosted.

  2. Squeeze the lemon over the mixture and shake again.

  3. Place one big ice cube in chilled Old-fashioned glass.

  4. Spray glass with Mezcal.

  5. Strain into the chilled glass and serve.


The Whiskey Sour is a very simple drink usually consisting of bourbon and lemon juice. With our twist of the Reposado and the essential spritz of the Mezcal, it stimulates the senses with the smoky aroma reminiscent of a warm fire. Our twist is a little more complex but maintains the classic essence which makes this the perfect drink best enjoyed on a cool summer night while sitting back relaxing enjoying a top-shelf cigar.

photo credit -Owie

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”
Mark Twain

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