Hard Lemon


1/2 lemon

1 tbsp sugar or more to your taste

1 oz limoncello

2.5 oz lemon vodka

lemon Italian soda




cocktail shaker


  1. Cut lemon into fourths.

  2. Put lemons and sugar into a cocktail shaker and muddle to release juices from lemons.

  3. Pour in vodka and limoncello.

  4. Add ice to shaker.

  5. Cover and shake vigorously until well frosted.

  6. Fill a chilled highball glass about halfway with ice.

  7. Without straining, pour lemon mixture over ice.

  8. Top off with lemon Italian soda.

  9. Garnish with mint leaves

Mixed in the lab:

Lemonade has long been known as the go to sweetened beverage made with lemons, sugar and water. We put a twist on this spiritless drink with a nice strong addition of Vodka and Limoncello. Topping off this delicious cocktail with Italian soda compliments and gives a cool sparkling finish.

photo credit -Jontee

"When life gives you lemons...get drunk!"
J. Johnson

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