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Much of the origin story behind the original Hot Toddy remains unknown. What we do know is that the Hot Toddy was originally crafted around the 1700’s in Scotland as an alternative to harsher spirits which the women found disagreeable.

Our twist birthed two versions of the toddy: dark version (Grand Toddy) and a clear version (SuzyTodd) and made it a little more twistful with the warming of the vodka. The aroma of lemon is amplified through the process of warming. We know that people are accustomed to seeing the color of tea to validate a toddy, but we find that the color is not what validates a toddy, it is the taste and it's historical medicinal purpose.

With the SuzyTodd, we completely revamp the, typically dark toddy and replace the bourbon with all clear/white spirits. But...don’t let the appearance deceive you, this SuzyTodd packs a wallop!

photo credit- Owie

"To warm you up on cold days, there's nothing better than a hot toddy...or whatever you call your guy"
Maxine -Crabby Road

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