Lady Beer


1/4 cup passion fruit juice

1/4 cup honey crisp apple juice

1/4 cup lemonade

1/4 cup orange juice or squeeze of one large orange

1/4 cup pineapple juice

crushed ice

1.5 oz huckleberry vodka


cocktail shaker


  1. Combine passion fruit, apple juice, lemonade, nectar and juice of the orange. Set aside.

  2. Add ice to lowball glass.

  3. Add vodka to glass.

  4. Fill glass about halfway with combined juices to top off vodka.

  5. Pour contents of the glass into a shaker.

  6. Shake until well frosted.

  7. Pour mixture back into glass.

**note - this recipe is intended to make several cocktails, so it is important to first put the vodka in the glass(es). Most important is when you combine the juice with the vodka, you only fill the glass(es) halfway.

Mixed in the lab:

Originated from our original mocktail, A Virgin On the Beach. We tried many variations to create a cocktail version and finally landed on Huckleberry vodka. The fruitiness of the vodka infuses so well with the juices, it is hard to believe that you are actually drinking alcohol. People ask: "Why the name, Lady Beer?" Once you shake and pour, it gives you a similar foam as if you were enjoying a nice cold one. are.

photo credit- Owie

"I am silently judging your beer selection!"

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