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Do we have the smash up for Mojito and Paloma lovers! Cuba's signature drink, the Mojito originally referred to as Moonshine is said to have been a medicinal drink to ward off illness on the island of Cuba. Initially, this moonshine rum type alcohol was introduced to Pirate Drake. He replaced the Moonshine with rum and the drink was named El Draque.

The Paloma is believed to be named after the popular folk song composed in the early 1860s La Paloma (“The Dove”). While little is known about Paloma's origin, we do know that it is known as the most popular tequila-based cocktail in Mexico.

The twist and the name of our cocktail eludes to the marriage between the Mojito and the Paloma. Not only did we marry the flavors, we introduced a new flavor to this union. This crazy combination of liquor and flavors creates a symphony in your mouth.

photo credit- Owie

"The best drink I've ever had was a mojito in St. Barts at Nikki Beach. That drink changed my life."
Sarah Carter

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