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peach liqueur

**for the full recipe Unlock the Twist!



The Woo Woo is believed to originated at the First Edition Bar in New York. It is presumably one of the first cocktails to contain peach schnapps. Several accounts have alluded to the bartender shouting, "woo woo" when serving this bright red drink that is typically served as a cocktail or as a shot.

The cocktail has been proven to be versatile, so we decided to put something unfamiliar to something your used to. It is the antiphysis of a martini but tricks you because you do not believe it to be as strong because it taste like peach-flavored water! Seems like you should have something else added, but it is simply perfect! For those that think you taste too much alcohol in martinis...don't worry! You don't taste it!

photo credit - Owie

"I’ve never been drunk, but often I’ve been overserved." George Gobel

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